Tuesday, September 21, 2010

House Captain Presentations - Erin's Review

Hi year 6 and teachers, 
I really had fun watching the presentations, they were all fab.
Here I have written a bit on each person. 
I am so....... sorry if I make a mistake or miss anyone out, please let me know and I will change it .
Eden -I loved the fact it was different to everybody elses.
Hollis -I loved the Russian Dolls.
Sophie - I loved the phrase " When you Choose Me"
Georgie - I loved the mascot.
Cameron - I liked your friends.
Bethan - I liked your "I loose my Glasses Part."
Maddy- You where very loud where as I thought you where quite quiet.
Hannah -I liked your loud instrument.
Kahlil - I liked your top.
Tom H- I liked your slide background.
Leila - A cool slide show everything was good.
Claudia- Wow you were so loud!
Sarah- I really liked the words you used to describe yourself.
Meiha- I liked the background and photos you used.
Harry- Really loud and brave to be 1st Person.
Max - I liked the first page.
Rosie - I liked "VOTE FOR THE ROSE."

Harvey - Very good, especially because you had no power-point .
Jack  - I like the part " I like playing with my sister, sometimes."
Joe - Funny Pictures.
Trevor - Cool Pictures.
Angus - Funny Pictures especially the trumpet one.
Harry - Cool that you played for the football teams, shame they weren't Chelsea .

Katie G - Cool action shots On the trampoline. 
Karina - Cool backgrounds.
Ross - Nice presentation background. 
Ola - Very loud . I thought you were quiet .
Olie- I like the sound of SFS, really nice of you to help your brother and others with special needs.
Ethan- Cool pictures of now and then.
Rory - Nice ski medals.
Tom - Cool Photo's. 
Matty - I never knew you had lived in Palestine.
Katie S - You Look so cute in FS2.
Jasmine - Loved the boat  part.

New people 
William - Very good, especially because you had no presentations and the fact you are new.
Felix - I like the starting photo and have learnt alot  about you .
François- Really good, very confident seeings as you are  new.


Mr Watson and Miss Bates said...

Wow! what a detailed review! Well done Erin

Hollis said...

Wow Erin,that is so nice to mention everyone! Awsome!

Sophie said...

Wow thats alot erin well done!!
how did you mention everyone hehe.!! just let you know i think you got mixed up with britany beacause she didnt do it..

Erin said...

Yes your were right Sophie. I was a bit muddled I was probibly thinking about Bethan ,I have it changed it,
Thank you so much Hollis,Sophie,Miss Bates and Mr Watson for the kind comments.

Tom 6JW said...

Thanks for say mine had cool photos!


Claudia said...

Wow Erin that must of taken a long time to write everyone down!
Well done, your presentation was great!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for saying I'm good at describing myself Erin!

I think you are very good,confident and friendly.

P.S Crongratulations on being Stuarts housecaptain! : )

Georgie said...


Harvey said...

thanks for saying mine was very good, even though I didnt use power-point.